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Graphic - Animistic Yoga DeckAnimistic Yoga Deck,
embodying Nature's wisdom

Oracle Yoga cards to deepen your yoga practice and your connection with the natural world within and around you. Oracle Yoga cards available for purchase online and at select retail outlets.
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A free guided relaxation, breathe deeply and listen.
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Journey to a peace/blessing offering,
tune in to Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.
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Weaving together yoga, dance, sonic attunement, chanting, meditation, rituals & creativity we open up ourselves to embody our mystical Self. As we explore the wondrous potential of our own nature, we are using our earthly vessel as a sacred instrument that can guide us into the centre of our being, where all possibilities, brilliance & answers dwell. In these journeys of heartfelt presence, we are gently coaxed to empower our innate essence, which is unique, wildly creative, & genuine. From this state of vibrant awareness, we can perceive the divine instructions that are resounding within & all around us in such a way that we may live in grace, love, harmony, Oneness, bliss, contentment, openness, intuitive understanding & beauty.