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Oracle Yoga Cards

“In a single Hatha session, you pass through the entire cycle of reincarnation, … having been a tree, a locust, a child, a warrior, a corpse, and the entire cycle of creation, preservation and destruction.”
~ Swami Veda

Oracle Yoga Deck




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Animistic yoga, embodying nature's wisdom

Animistic Yoga, Embodying Nature's Wisdom is a shapeshifting journey into the diverse expressions of the natural world within and around us. All 41 cards embrace yogic principles through metaphors found in our earthly and celestial environments.

The deck includes a guide book, to help either the experienced or the novice, dive into the realm of animism and yoga. Each card transmits a contemplation expressing the spirit of the posture, along with clear guidance in how to practise the asana.

This inspirational deck opens the portal of perceptions, churns deep ancestral memories and helps one to connect with the non-dualistic nature of yoga as union.

Created by Maryz Thuot and Viki Ogden
To connect with Viki Ogden, the visual artist of this deck, and to view her beautiful jewelry, dream catchers and paintings visit:

$25.00 cdn when buying the cards directly from Maryz or Viki. For retail pricing please contact us.

Special thanks to Machteld Baljet and Marcel Hoevenaars for generously offering their beautiful picture "track in the sand" as the basis for the background of the box and booklet. Visit them at: